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Born in Tel Aviv in 1952 graduate of Hadassa Community Technical Photography College,  MFA in Film & Television from Tel Aviv University and graduate of Phototherapy in Musrara school of photography in Jerusalem.


In 1982 I began to specialize in food culture photography. At first in the studio, doing commercial work for food companies and advertising agencies. Soon enough I focused on illustrations for cooking books and magazines I started working on location in Israel and all over the world, exploring the diverse and fascinating world of food culture. Additionally, I have published several books with prestigious American publishers including the acclaimed "Food Markets of the World" and "Eating Alfresco", published by the renowned American art publisher "Harry N. Abrams".
To date, I have illustrated more than 70 books.

I have an extensive easily accessed stock library with thousands of images, mainly of all aspects of the food culture. From studio works to journalistic, candid style images taken all over the world. 
For the last five years due to the progression of my MS disease, I gradually stopped working actively in photography. I focus on writing, lecturing and giving professional photographic consulting, combined with personal guidance and phototherapy treatments.

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